3D-printed Merch, 3D Models, Animations and Videos made in Germany


comes with snap-in socket for Googlemini device and soundactivated RGB-LEDs

Crystal Exarch Desklamp


Hyth/Hades - Lamp

Soulvessel/Soultransfer-Crystal Desklamp

Resin Version

Basic PLA Version

Bryegots Hammer - Necklace

E-Ink powered Marketboard

Zodiark/Hydaelyn Figures

Floating Aetheryte

BLM Lamp

Aymeric Bust

Themed FC Standee 3D Print

This is not only an FC Logo I animated but also a 3D print I made from it, why waste a good 3D file right?


Moogle Lamp

Eorzea Outzoom Animation

A fun animation I made for myself with the help of Blender and AE

Acryliccharm Preview-Animation Comission

This was part of a set of comissions for @carve_the_moon on twitter. It's a preview render of how their acrylic charms would look like (they're still on preorder today!)